The purpose of the Company is to to own,, manage, invest in, improve, market, finance and build projects for optimal growth potential.

Amity Ventures started in 2003 with a group of investors aimed at bringing good business to good people. With expertise background in electronic commerce, the company has increased profits and exposure utilizing the internet. Since its inception, Amity Ventures has started 7 companies and has assisted 16 other companies to become more efficient and marketable resulting in increased profits and expansion.

A Plus Tailor
AAT Dental
BHD Foundation
Dahbah Press
Health Trust Solutions
Liz King Events
Maven Action
Piccolo NY
Regatta Articles
Rootcanal DRS
Skye Sterling
Top Hat Events
Traxus Technologies

Amity Ventures also fund various charitable foundations. Our company believes in the aid of those in need. A percentage of the profits go to recognized charities from faith based organizations to foundations that help children. The company actively seeks to find new ways to help people with its donations and works contributions.